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Revolution Athlete is overthrowing traditional sports training as we know it. Revolution Athlete is a system that breaks down all the gimmicks, bands, balls and so called "trainers", into what gets results, hard work. At Revolution Athlete we have seen it all and are sick and tired of seeing athletes having their hand held during workouts. Hard work, sweat and tears have been replaced with shiny weights, multi-colored exercise balls, overpriced and unknowledgeable trainers, and money driven infomercials with false hopes. Today, we try to train effectively without breaking a sweat leading to mediocre and disappointing results.

You have to see it to believe it. Our systems and theories are based on traditional movements that push you harder than you've ever been pushed before. Revolution Athlete is nothing fancy but it is a brutal workout that will get results. All of the workouts are based on the individual sport and reflect the movements of the game. For those of us that have played sports our whole lives, we know what you feel like during a competition; you're tired, sore, hurt, emotional, bruised and broken. These workouts will push you to these areas and challenge you to become more than an athlete. We have been training athletes for years and have produced some of the most dominant individuals we have ever seen. Gains of strength, speed, agility, endurance and positive attitude are normal for those who have joined us. We warn you though, we have seen athletes give up and give in to the demands of these workouts or think the workout in the magazine is better because of the message it sends. Athletes give up because it's not easy and sometimes it's not very fun, losing or coming in second isn't fun either. Take it or leave it the choice is yours.

The pioneers of our sports trained hard and without fancy equipment! Its time we return to our roots and start establishing a new level of athletic dominance! We have waited in the shadows long enough, its time for us to be heard. Welcome to the Revolution.

See you soon,

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